The Greater Miami Chapter of the AMS presents
The Central American region's mid-summer "drought" Speaker : Dr. Brian Mapes, RSMAS/UMiami
Place : Media Room, NHC, FIU Campus
Date : Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Time : 10:00 AM

A climatological minimum in rainfall in July-August is seen at stations around Central America, including South Florida. In Spanish, this is called the "veranillo" or "canicula". Free- running GCMs do simulate this (if poorly), so it is a robust feature of the Western Hemisphere tropical climate system. There is also a small notch in hurricane climatology, ahead of the main late-summer / fall season.

The (average) circulation associated with this phenomenon is a bubble of high pressure rotating around the southwest flank of the main Atlantic high, bringing a trade wind surge across the Caribbean. I will present my working hypotheses for the dynamics of this feature, which my students and I will be studying intensively, beginning this fall. I hope to make this issue my springboard into broader studies of Atlantic summer climate. I am eager to hear local synoptic experience (live or by email).