William Gray
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 3 PM.
Refreshments 2:30 PM

RSMAS Campus
Miami, FL


It is not possible for a doubling of anthropogenic greenhouse gases by the late 21st century to cause global warming as much as 2-5°C as indicated by most of the Global Circulation Models (GCMs). These numerical models are compromised by two basic flaws:
  1. the assumption that an increased hydrologic cycle leads to large increased upper-level water vapor and reduced long wave radiation to space – the opposite occurs and,
  2. inability of the GCMs to realistically simulate changes in the globe’s deep ocean circulations, which, in the authors view, is the primary driver of the global temperature change of the last few centuries.
More analysis will, I believe, show that the recently proposed run away anthropogenic global warming scenarios have grossly overestimated the warming threat. Observed global temperature increases during the last 30 and 100 years have been largely a result of deep ocean global circulation changes resulting from global salinity variations. Doubling of atmospheric CO2 will likely cause only modest global warming (~0.5°C) and such small warming may be more beneficial to humankind than harmful.

Implementation of the proposed international treaties restricting future greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20 percent by 2020 and 70-80 percent by 2050 would lead to a massive slowdown in the world’s economic development and, at the same time, have no significant impact on the globe’s future temperature.

This talk also attempts to explain how this bogus climate crisis was able to develop the way it has and how in coming years the younger generation will look back and be amazed that western society could have been so gullible as to actually believe that humans were able to cause such large changes in the globe’s climate.

Directions to RSMAS campus

From the mainland take I-95 or US 1 to the Rickenbacker Causeway exit. Take the Causeway past the Miami Seaquarium and the gate to the Rosenstiel campus will be on your right. From Key Biscayne, take the Causeway toward the mainland. Make a left at the light just after Bear Cut.

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