Seminars and Events
Date Speakers Topic


Feb. 26, 2015 Falko Judt
"Experiences in the Indian Ocean" and chapter elections
May 9th
Neal Dorst
Books and Books, Coral Gables

"Reading from: Hurricane Pioneer: Memoirs of Bob Simpson, a new book about the life and career of Dr. Robert H. Simpson " and a brief chapter meeting

June 24th
Hugh Willoughby
FIU Main Campus

"How has what we think we know changed since Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon?"
and a brief chapter meeting

August 19th
Dave Nolan
AOML First Floor Conference Room

"Global Hurricane Activity and Climate Change: Trends & Predictions"
and a brief chapter meeting

September 18th
FIU's Wall of Wind
FIU Engineering Center - Room 1115

"Tour of FIU Wall of Wind"


Sept. 3, 2014 Max Mayfield/Betty Davis
WPLG studios
"Tour of Channel 10 studios and weather room"



Oct. 23, 2012 Neal Dorst
"They Called the Wind Mahina"
June 14, 2012 Bill Read
former NHC Director
Mar. 25, 2012 Dr. John Molinari
Professor SUNY-Albany
"CAPE in Tropical Cyclones"


Mar. 25, 2011 Dr. Bill Gray
Professor Colorado State University
"Hurricanes and Global Warming"
Apr. 15, 2011 Rusty Pfost
Former MIC NWSFO Miami
"A Century of Service"
Apr. 16, 2011 NWSFO
Open House
"Pictures of Public Tours"
May 23, 2011 Peter Ortner
Director CIMAS
"The New CIMAS"


February 25, 2010 Andy Hagen
RSMAS/Univ of Miami
"A reassessment of the official Atlantic Hurricane records (1944-1953): a 2-part talk"
May 19, 2010 Symposium on the Anniversaries of Hurricane Donna and the Labor Day Hurricane
"50th Anniversary of Hurricane Donna"
"Storm Patrol and the Lost Hurricane"
Nov. 9, 2010 Mrs. Melissa Griffin
Assistant State Climatologist for the State of Florida (COAPS)
"CoCoRaHS Program in Florida"


March 9, 2009 Forrest Masters
Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering
Univ. of FL
"Digital Hurricane Consortium"
April 16, 2009 Robert Molleda
Severe Weather Warning Coordiantor
"The Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale:
Explanation and Application to South Florida Tornado Events"
July 8, 2009 Jaime Rhome
Storm Surge Forecast Unit
"NHC's Storm Surge Program"


February 07, 2008 Gordon Strassberg
Miami, FL
"Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) Utility in Tornado Detection"
February 13, 2008 Dr. Sim Aberson
Dr. Rob Rogers
AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Miami, FL
"An Encounter with Hurricane Felix"
May 6, 2008 Dr. Peter Black
Naval Research Laboratory
Monterey, CA
"Typhoon Structure Change- 2008:
Plans for a multi-aircraft experiment in WPAC"
May 15, 2008 Ben Nelson
State Meteorologist
Tallahassee, FL
"Florida's State Meteorological Support Unit"
June 26, 2008 Bill Read
Director, NHC
Miami, FL
"Hurricane Preparedness - State of the Union"
July 7, 2008 Katherine Winters
Launch Weather Officer
Patrick AFB, FL
"Forecasting Operations at the Kennedy Space Center"
July 15, 2008 Dr. William Gray
Colorado State University Ft. Collins, CO
"Human-Induced Global Warming:
The Great Exaggeration"
July 23, 2008 Scott Prinos
Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"USGS Hurricane Storm Surge and Flood Monitoring"


April 4, 2007 Dr. Brian Mapes
Miami, FL
"The Central American region's mid-summer 'drought'"
May 4, 2007 Dr. Mark Powell
AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Miami, FL
"Integrated Kinetic Energy: A new metric for tropical cyclone destructive potential"
June 14, 2007 Eric Salna
Disaster Survival House
Deerfield Beach, FL
" Hurricane Warning and Preparedness"
September 12, 2007 Eric Salna
Disaster Survival House
Deerfield Beach, FL
" Disaster Survival House as an outreach tool"
September 19, 2007 Rusty Pfost
Miami, FL
" The History of Weather Observation in Miami"
December 13, 2007 Max Mayfield, Jaime Rhome, Shirley Murillo,
C. Douglas Bass, and Neal Dorst
Panel Discussion: Nature's Fury : South Florida Hurricanes  


June 1, 2006 Eric Blake, Rob Rogers, Craig Setzer,
Stan Goldenberg, and Dave Nolan
Panel Discussion: "Will the 2006 hurricane season be a repeat of the 2004 and 2005 seasons?"    


Feb 22, 2005 Bryan Norcross
CBS 4 News
Miami, FL
"Why the Emergency Communications System Is Worse Than It Was 30 Years Ago".
May 18, 2005 Dr. Sharan Majumdar
Univ. of Miami-RSMAS
Miami, FL
"Where should we collect extra observations to improve hurricane forecasts?"
June 16, 2005 Craig Setzer
CBS 4 News
Miami, FL
Tour of CBS 4 studios and weather facilities


April 15, 2004 Dr. Chris Landsea
Jason Dunion
AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Miami, FL
"A Re-analysis of Two Catastrophic
South Florida Hurricanes: Donna and Andrew"
May 19, 2004 John Guaraldi
NBC 6 News
Miami, FL
Tour of NBC 6 studios and weather facilities    
July 15,2004 Dr. Mark DeMaria
"New Products for Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Intensity Forecasting"
Dec 7, 2004 Timothy J. Schmit
Madison, WI
"20 years of GOES measurements -- from 2005 to 2025"
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