Mr. Evan B. Forde An oceanographer at AOML, he received his bachelor's degree in geology and his Master's degree in marine geology and geophysics, both from Columbia University in New York. He is currently conducting research on the effects dust storms from Africa have on the formation of Atlantic basin hurricanes and he has just completed a curriculum designed to introduce oceanography to middle and high school students in inner-city schools. In addition to his scientific career, Evan Forde has served as a PTA President, a church trustee, Scoutmaster, youth basketball coach, church webmaster, Sunday School and youth ministry teacher. Contact info:
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Vice President/Secretary
Mr. Charles Wirks, is s Senior at Florida International University in Atmospheric science. He currently works at FIU as a math tutor for calculus 2. He is a ten year, two tour, Staff Sergeant veteran of the Florida Army National Guard. His current job in the military is to maintain, fix and equip UAV's for all south Florida. He is in to mountain biking and fishing. Contact info:

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Mr. Atiba Upchurch graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Environmental Studies. He currently works at the Broward Emergency Management Division. His hobbies include biking, photography, and of course most things, weather. Contact info:
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